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car rental 4 Crete, amazing offers! Need wheels on your next trip? Renting a car can give you freedom and flexibility when you’re traveling, and in some parts of the world it’s the only feasible way to get around. But a rental car can sometimes add complications to your trip — like trying to find the best deal or sorting out exactly which insurance options you need. Read on for our practical tips on saving money, understanding your rental agreement and avoiding problems with your car rental 4 Crete.

Kreta mietwagenChoosing a Vehicle, car rental 4 Crete, amazing offers!
Think carefully about what kind of vehicle you’ll need. If you’re traveling with children or with a lot of gear, you may want a large sedan or SUV. If you’re simply looking to save money on rental rates and gas, you’ll want to reserve the smallest available model.

Location Voiture en CreteBut size isn’t the only factor. Looking for something environmentally friendly? Check out our Green Travel Resources for eco-friendly car rental 4 Crete. Can’t drive a stick shift? Be sure to reserve a car with automatic transmission. (In many countries, a manual transmission is the normal — so read the fine print before booking. Learn more with our International Car Rental Tips).
Also, be sure that our company offers many extras you might need or want, such as a sea ski rack, car seat or GPS system. We do offer many extras for free. We do special deals for families and long term car rental 4 Crete. We do the best rates to all regular customers. Slideshow: The Eight Best Crete Road Trips

Booking Your Car, car rental 4 Crete! How long will you be renting? If it’s for less than a week, you’ll probably do best with a major rental company, such athenscars. For rentals of a week or longer, you may get better rates from our agency than others!

Always shop around to see we have cheaper rates than our competitors. Check the major booking engines and aggregator sites to get an idea of what rates are available, but you should also be sure the rate is final, as  car rental 4 Crete companies’ Web sites do not include all costs-as we do — they’ll often offer exclusive discounts, and you’ll avoid booking fees. Don’t forget to check out our selection of discount car rental deals before making any reservations.

To lower your rate, ask about discounts for any major national organizations, frequent flier programs and credit card programs to which you may belong. We  frequently offer deals on car rentals. Those offered through our online system can be very good. If you’re employed by a company that frequently rents cars or if you are a regular customer, we  may have a negotiated rate. Make sure to check.

Before you book online, do an Internet search for places to stay or visit  to put into the booking engine. For more ideas on saving money when you rent a car, see our Car Rental 4 Crete Deals.

If you haven’t already, consider joining our car rental company’s loyalty program when you book, which vary by month, but most of them are free and entitle you to certain privileges when picking up your vehicle; your information will be on file ahead of time, allowing you to simply jump into the car and go rather than standing in a long line or filling out paperwork. You could also be eligible for special discounts or free upgrades.

The newest way to save on rental cars is to hook up with a car share service. If you live near a major city or you’re a frequent renter, you may save money by joining a car share, such as Athenscars car rental 4 Crete

Five Features of a Fantastic Road TripUnderstanding Your Rental
If you’re booking online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. If you’re booking over the phone, ask our agent about restrictions. Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation. Is there a penalty for no-shows? How long will the car be held if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the pickup station? Is there a fee for additional drivers and must their names be listed in the contract? Is your 20-year-old daughter old enough to drive the car? (For liability reasons, this is important.)

For one-way car rentals, ask about drop-off charges.

The True Cost of Car Rentals.
In recent years, the major booking engines have become more transparent about car rental 4 Crete rates, and they now usually show you the total cost of your rental, including estimated taxes and fees, early on in the booking process. For instance, Athenscars offers total pricing, which guarantees that the company’s estimated amount will be within one percent of the actual rate.

Like the airlines, the major auto rental companies have adopted “yield management.” That means that their computers can quickly readjust prices according to changes in the supply of cars available, and so the rental rate you are quoted is valid only at that moment. Unless you reserve immediately, the rate is likely to change. is showing the final cost the time you search for a deal and is The FINAL cost we will charge when you meet our staff at the airport or the arranged place. We do what we promise and all of our offers included all insurance costs!! Welcome to economy car hire in Crete. 
With athenscars-Crete you can hire an economy car in Crete Car Rental 4 Crete , Crete is an island …and is ideal for renting a car, Crete is the biggest Greek island(8.260square km)and the 5th biggest island in the Mediterranean,lies across the southern part of the Aegean sea, car rental 4 Crete offers economy rental cars 2 hire, 
competitive prices and quality car hire services in Crete, car rental 4 Crete Greece. Athenscars Crete offers low Budget car hire deals to all of its clients.Find the Economy Car Rentals in Crete, located all over the island Crete. Explore the beauties of the island, The place Zorbas was born.
Kreta mietwagen
Hire cars to drive in The south Coast.Make a choice of short or long daily Trips in Crete. Hire a car and drive up to Psiloritis mountain, Omalos mountains. Its terrain is mountainous and it is traversed by three large mountain ranges with peaks reaching something in the region of 2.500meters.
Due to our excellent car rental services, we offer economy car rental 4 Crete Airports , Greece.
Reserve your on-line car rental 4 Crete, Greece, directly with the confirmation in less than 2 hours.

car rental 4 Crete, amazing offers!
We deliver to all Crete island locations; we simplify the car hire in Crete airport so that
you can travel when and where you wish it. On our Web site, you will find
all the requirements to hire a car in Crete, during your visit in Crete, Greece. 

Location Voiture en Crete  CRETECARS is one of the biggest car hire companies on Crete. Get to know Crete with a safe car! We have new Car models in very good prices and you can make your choice from a range of eight categories. We are open all year round with Car Rental 4 Crete and our service will for sure satisfy you. For safe & reliable car rentals in Crete, offers special rates for car rental all over Crete and Greece.

For the most memorable stay in Crete we will show you where to find the famous tourist attractions, the small typical villages, the most beautiful views, the quiet beaches, the hottest nightlife, the good food, the nicest walks or whatever your wishes are.

We have been in tourism since 1973 and our goal has always been YOUR satisfaction. We can provide you with the latest car models and all our cars are less than 6 months old. We can also organize tours for you and provide you with first hand information about the “real” Crete.

Special Offers on Accommodation in Crete. . Discover the unique beauties of Crete by renting one of our vehicles to unique, attractive prices! Get your “All-Included” car rental quote with NO EXTRA CHARGES, NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.
Book your car before coming to Crete and take advantage of our prices. We offer the most competitive rates and the highest quality of car and bikes rental services in Crete. We are a very trustful company and our highest priority is Fast and Friendly customer service.

Car Hire  in Crete offers low car hire cost with no hidden extras, not only in Crete but also in Greece and many other countries around the world.

CRETE CAR HIRE is able to keep the costs down because you complete the booking procedure by yourself. CRETE Car is a fast growing Greek Car Rental company.
Founded in Crete and operating one of the biggest local car rentals on the island, now counting with more than 250 cars. offering our services to all tourist destinations in Greece. Due to our high standards and reliable service we have become one of the top Rent a Car AGENCIES in Greece.

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