Géographie Heraklion-port

Travelling with children Le nome d’Héraklion-port est frontalier du Nome de Réthymnon à l’ouest et du Nome du Lassithi à l’est. Les zone agricoles se situent principalement dans la partie nord et centrale du nome, les montagnes occupant le reste du territoire. Le principal sommet dominant ce nome est le Mont Ida.


Habitants célèbres Heraklion-port

DèmeYPES codeSiègeCode postalpréfixe tel.
Agia Varvara1901Agia Varvara700 0328940-2
Archanes1903Archanes701 002810-3, 7
Arkalochori1902Arkalochori703 0028910-2
Asterousia1904Pyrgos700 1028920-2
Chersonissos1926Limenas Chersonisou700 1428970-2
Episkopi1910Episkopi700 102810-77
Gazio1906Gazio714 xx2810-82
Gorgolainis1907Agios Myron700 122810-72
Gortyne1908Agioi Deka700 1228930
Gouves1909Gouves700 1428970-4
Héraklion1912Héraklion710 xx-720 xx2810
Kastelli1914Kastelli700 0328910-3
Kofinas1915Pyrgos700 1028930
Krousonas1916Krousonas700 012810-71
Malia1917Malia700 0728970-3
Moires1918Moires704 0028920-2
Néa Alikarnassós1919Néa Alikarnassós716 xx2810
Nikos Kazantzakis1920Peza701 002810-74
Rouvas1921Gergeri700 032890-4
Temenos1922Profitis Ilias Herakliou715 002810-89
Tetrachori1923?Venerato700 112810-79
Thrapsanos1913Thrapsanos700 0628910-4
Tylisos1924Tylisos715 002810-83
Tympaki1925Tympaki702 0028920-5
Viannos1905Ano Viannos700 0428950-2
Zaros1911Zaros700 0228940-3

Mini guide to Heraklion-port

Mini guide to HeraklionThe capital of Crete has long been the cultural, economic and political center of the island. Home to ancient monuments and modern amenities, this city is the gateway to historic Crete.

The magnificent fortress, Koules Heraklion-port, stands sentinel over the port. This castle has been used for centuries as protection for the harbor and as a prison. Now it is open to the public for tours. It contains artifacts and weapons from the past as well as dark hallways and cells that used to incarcerate the city’s prisoners.

The city also contains a pre-classical palace, the Knossos, which housed the rulers of Heraklion as they slowly conquered the island’s other cities in ancient times. In the center of the city is the excellent Archaeological Museum of Crete, which displays artifacts from Minoan, classical, Hellenistic and Roman times.

La Crète In Heraklion there are many options for entertainment and relaxation. In the city’s tavernas and restaurants can be found the local spirit raki as well as Cretan and international cuisine. For sunbathers there are several lovely beaches near the city.

Heraklion is also an excellent base for exploring Crete. By car hire in Crete it is easy to make day trips all over the island and still be back in the city for by nightfall. The eastern village of Zakros houses a historic palace as well as an interesting archaeological site situated on a beautiful beach.

This city can be reached by daily flights from Athens as well as several other cities around the Mediterranean. Package deals from many European cities are also numerous in the summer.

The city of Heraklion is surrounded from many tourist resorts , beautiful places for relaxing and swimming . Thalassotherapy centers and swimming pools , as well as mini football grounds , are modern ways of young people entertainment . Hotels and apartments in the city of Heraklion , useful information about the culture and archaeological places.

athenscars in Crete is managing to promote the most beautiful directions to drive , as well as the archaeological remains on Crete .

Crete is a large and incredibly diverse island where pretty harbor towns like Agios Nikolaos give way to rolling hills covered with thousands of olive trees. There are mountains here too and, amazingly, they are even capped with snow!

For many, Crete is famous as the home of the Minoan’s, the ancient civilization thought to have constructed the elaborate palace at Knossos, excavated by Arthur Evans at the turn of the 20th century. In Greek mythology this is the birthplace of Zeus who, in the form of a white bull, is said to have abducted Europa and taken her back to Crete as his queen. Legend has it that Europe-Europa gave Zeus three sons, one whom, Minos, gives his name to the centuries old civilization.

You’ll see both the Palace of Knossos – where, deep in the labyrinth, Theseus fought the Minotaur – as well as the mysterious Dikti Cave, legendary birthplace of Zeus. Elsewhere Crete is all about lovely beaches, welcoming taverns and wonderful countryside. Searching for Crete tours, Crete coach holidays & escorted touring holidays of Crete.offers exceptional coach tours across Crete for 2006 …Crete’s best beaches, tours, hotels, restaurants, hiking paths, music, recipes, photos, pictures and personal pages in this guide about the real Crete.Holidays in Crete. Crete hotels and accommodation. Car and bike hire in Crete. Information on rates, reservations, hotel facilities, travel services.

The big, beautiful island of Crete, museums, ancient sites, places to go, and sightseeing. Knossos, Gortys, Iraklio, Elounda, many others.Crete was the cradle of early Mediterranean civilization and is a uniquely fascinating island. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, 160 miles long and up to 38 miles wide. The land is infinitely varied – mountain ranges rise up to over 8,000 feet, Europe’s deepest gorge winds for twelve miles through rock walls at times 1,000 feet high. Countless empty beaches and a clear blue sea surround the island.