Insurances & Coverages

Please read our insurance and coverage policy carefully. If you have any further question, please contact us

The client is fully relieved from the responsibility for any damage. The vehicles are subject to liability and fully comprehensive automobile and property damage insurance.

F.C.D.W. Full Collision damage Waiver Insurance:

By Renting a car from Athenscars – RentCarCrete, the client has F.C.D.W insurance in order to be covered for any damage caused to the vehicle during the car hire period without excess-risk* 100% valid for all cars. It may also be referred to as Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) or Wheels under side and glass insurance (WUG). Read more for our car insurance coverage and policy

PL – Public Liability Insurance:

Our public liability insurance covers up to 1.000.000 euros for persons. May also be referred to as PLI.

Our Full Collision Damage waiver insurance covers drivers 24+ years of age. 

a*. When the age of the driver is below 24, a damage risk may occure, depending on the chosen car type. Email us to ask about or read Terms page for driver age and car groups a young driver can drive. 

b*. The maximum age of a driver, according to our insurance, is 74. When the driver is older, we will add an excess -self risk- depending on the car make.

The client is fully covered for damages caused to third party.

P.I. Personal Insurance is covering all the passengers in the car excluding the driver.

The driver has a different insurance coverage and is always of lower amount in the event of an injury.

The cars are always insured against theft 100%, but the client’s personal belongings* are not insured.

The client is not covered in case of loss or stolen car keys, the cost of car keys is covered from the client.

The client is covered by this insurance when driving the vehicle on asphalt road directions only and is covering the underside but not the parts the wheel is connected.  If the car drives off road, this insurance is not valid . ANY ACCIDENT NOT ANNOUNCED AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED, IS NOT COVERED FROM THE INSURANCE.

All cars are insured for the repair of tires (we do the repair for free) only. The metallic part of the wheels or parts such as “carter of oil” is not insured. The driver has to drive the car on asphalt roads where there is no possibility this part to be damaged!

Before you come to Crete, make sure you are not going to use a mini car or a saloon car Off road. This means you may misunderstand that the use of such a car is for “normal/asphalt” roads ONLY! If your accommodation is located on a place where only 4wd cars can manage to drive, you should order such a car.

The client is fully covered for damages caused on Glass parts of the car 100%.

  • The client has to contact Athenscars telephone numbers which are written on the Rental Agreement and the Reservation sheet. We will give you information and guidelines.
  • The car must not be moved from the place of accident until the insurance or the local Police of the area arrive.
  • The Client has to fill a written statement of what happened.
  • Also, the Client must report the accident at the time it happened and not hours or days later.
  • For negligent or drunk driving, or driving under influence of drugs or on unauthorized roads/coated/dusty/land roads, stone roads, driving to prohibited areas/ obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, the client is responsible for the full amount of charges. Please, read more about our car Rental Terms/Policy

*The F.C.D.W. insurance is not 100% with no excess for specific cars regardless age of driver:  Mitsubishi L200 Truck, Mercedes sedan types, Rav4/Qashqai automatic, Peugeot Traveller/Spacetourer AUTOMATIC, Mitsubishi Outlander AUTOMATIC. A credit card need to be shown on car pick up from you.

For all other Car types of our fleet the FCDW insurance is with no excess.

*We recommend our customers not to lock their bags or suitcases in the vehicle while parking. Do not trust anyone, keep an eye to the vehicle when suitcases or any type of electronic device are inside. You can become victim the first day or the last day of your vacation, when transferring suitcases. Crete has many places thieves could open the vehicles easy, most of times they use electromagnetic systems where all cars open in a minute without the need to break a window or a lock. The areas of Chania are top 1 places where such robberies take place: Old city Chania parkings around and mostly in Talos square-Elafonissi beach-Balos parking.

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