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July 2, 2024

Very good service for a very competitive price.

Nice team.


Tres bien

July 2, 2024



Impeccable service, but disappointing rolling stock

June 29, 2024

100% satisfied with the service, from booking to handing over the cars. As for the description and details, that’s another story.

Seat Ibiza (3 cars, all new) we found them unsuitable for Cretan roads. The base model or Reference 1.0 TSI, (theoretically 70KW) is very nice, looks spacious and comfortable, but just doesn’t have enough power, having real difficulty climbing hills or the steeper ramps typical of many island roads, with just 2 adults and 2 children on board. For more power, turning off the A/C is a must.

This could be down to the undersized 1-litre petrol engine, or worst, there are custom settings applied to limit power. It should be a good choice for flat roads in urban traffic, not for hills or mountain roads.

So, the general recommendation would be to do a thorough research beforehand on the model of the car, and whether the features really suit your needs.

The missing star is due to the lack of details such as those regarding the engine, or at least the standard equipment version of the vehicle. We could have simply chosen another model, from similar or different class.

Stefan D.

Always a pleasure to rent at Athens car

June 29, 2024

More then once a year we rent a car at Athens car with everything covered. Still one of the best rent prices we found and always a pleasant service



June 29, 2024

Picked up our car in Chania. We were picked up from the airport and driven to their local office 5 minutes away. Paperwork and pick up were smooth and efficient. Prices and insurance listed on website were accurate at pick up. Dropped our car off at Heraklion Airport. Also quick and easy. Would recommend Athens car rental.

liz samuel