Crete Road network. Things to keep in mind if you travel to Crete!

Crete Road network. Crete island is connected with a road network connecting the East to the West side.

Crete Road network. The main road is playing the “role” of the national road, is easy to drive on.  When driving along main roads, especially, the main east west highway keep to the right side. local drivers are driving faster than should. Other drivers will expect you to use what you may think is the hard shoulder so that they can pass you, there is one main line to the most of the part of the main road. Drivers on Crete are unusually courteous. 

Crete Road network. You will probably want to avoid bringing a car into the old city areas of Chania and Heraklion, where the streets are very narrow and parking impossible. Check that any map you have is up to date and also beware- if the map says “its a track” it probably is !  Gas is not very expensive along Crete Road network and, because of this, cars are small.   In rural areas drivers need to be extra cautious, especially when approaching bends – always expect to encounter sheep or goats or even some small rockfalls. Also its best assume that locals prefer to overtake on blind bends, indicators are rarely used and Give Way signs are often ignored.

 Crete Road network. The local companies are less expensive than the international firms.   If you are doing airport pick upcrete road network, be sure to rent from a company that has an airport counter or like our agency that is in the airport Parking area with many vehicles to choose from. An International driving permit is legally necessary for non-EU citizens. USA and Canadian and Australian visitors donot have to show an International permit to drive. Crete Road network.Crete Road network.

Crete Road network Chania – Paleochora:

The first 45km are on the National road Chania Kastelli, exit from Travronitis and drive South. The road is old with some new parts, especially bridges, the speed limit is 50-70km/hour. The time  you will need is 1hour 20minutes to drive the 77km distance.

Crete Road network Chania – Katelli Kissamou:

Drive on the E75 national road and within 40minutes you will be in Kastelli Kissamou=42km far from Chania city. The road is good with 70-90km/hour speed limit.

 Crete Road network Chania – Omalos mountain – Samaria Gorge:

The road is old, the driving uphill is difficult and the driver has to drive careful all the 42km distance. The Samaria Gorge entrance, is in the end of the road. 

Crete Road network Chania Rethymnon:

Drive on E75 and in 55minutes you will have driven the 65km distance. The road is old but with not many curves.

Crete Road network Chania – Sfakia – Chora Sfakion:Crete Road network.

Drive on E75 east, turn from Vrisses conjuction to the south and drive the 75km distance from Chania city. The road is old, narrow with decades curves and naughty local drivers drive fast! There are numerous small wholes in the road. 

  Crete Road network Rethymnon – Southern part -Plakias – Agia galini:

The road is very very old, there are numerous curves and narrow parts. the distance between Retymnon-Plakias is 41km only to drive, the time you will need =1hour aprox.

 Crete Road network rethymnon – Arkadi Monastery-Psiloritis mountain:

Thereare 3different directions that drivers can use to drive to Arkadi:

a)Rethymnon E75 exit Adele to Arkadi.

b)Rethymnon E75 exit Adele to Arkadi.

c)Rethymnon Hromonastiri-through local road-Adele Arkadi.

The direction from Monastery Arkadi to Psiloritis mountain is small village traditional villages and an amazing sightseeing tour up to Livadia-Zoniana-Axos-Anogeia village!

 Crete Road network Rethymnon with Fragma Potamon and Amari region of southern Psiloritisvillages mountain is old and very beautiful!

Crete Road network Rethymnon to Heraklion:

Drive the E75 road to the east, the road is very very old and slippery! The distance is 70km and there are decades curves!

 Crete Road network Heraklion – Psiloritis mountain:

Drive through Heraklion city to Gazi village -direction to Tylissos village and drive up to Gonies- Anogeia=40km distance

 Crete Road network Heraklion Matala-Festos-Lendas-kali Limenes:

Drive the old road Heraklion – Agia Varvara – Gortys – Moires – Matala=70km distance in 1hour and 30minutes, the road is slippery and with many curves, the speed limit is 50km in most of the direction.

 Crete Road network Heraklion Archanes – Peza – Pirgos – Moni – Koudouma:

  Drive the E75 and exit on the Industrial are conjuction to drive the new road to Archanes, after go on the network to Pirgos andMoni Koudouma, the road is new for the first 30km, after there are many curves and points the speed is decreased to 40km/hour. Distance:75km

 Peza village is the connection to drive to Arkalochori and Viannos region of Crete.

 Crete Road network Heraklion – Lassithi plateau:

Drive the E75 road and follow the signs from Mochos drive up to Lassithi plateau and Dikteon Andron cave, the distance is 70km and the time you will need is minimum 1hour and 10minutes. the road until the exit to Mochos is new, the road from Mochos to Lassithi is old with many curves and dangerous turns.

 Crete Road network Heraklion -Hersonisos – Stalis – Malia – Sissi – Agios Nikolaos:

drive the E75 to the East, the road has some new paarts , the speed limit is 90km/hours on these oparts, all the other older parts of E75 has 70km/hour speed limit or less! The road is sfae on the new parts only and until the tunnel of Neapolis!

 Crete Road network Agios Nikolaos – Sitia – Vai :

Drive the E75, this is the older part and the only one not repaired. There are 4-5new parts and someone caan say it is the most daangerous road, especially when it is raining, of Crete! The distance Ag.Nikolaos-Vai is 100km .

 Crete Road network Agios Nikolaos – Ierapetra :

Drive the E75 and exit when you meet the village Pachia Ammos direction to south, the distance is 36km and 35minutes to drive.

Ieratpetra is connected with Makri Gialos through a south east road =25km.

Makri Gialos is connected with Sitia, through a local road=38km distance.

 Crete is the largest island of the Meditteranean Greek part. it has thousands of roads to drive. Estimate each 70km need minimum 1hour to drive!