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Heraklion Port

Heraklion port car hire

Heraklion port is divided in the new harbour, the old Venetian harbour and the Cargo harbour.

The Heraklion Port serves as a harbour for travellers to and from Heraklion as well as for the shipment of cargo. It is a port that is well equipped to serve the needs of all visitors. A walk next to the sea side is ideal as you walk through the venetian walls and the new port road of Heraklion.There are many shops, cafes and restaurants around the port. There are also market shops in the vicinity.

The Heraklion Port is the third busiest between Athens and Patras ports. It serves around 1 1/2  million passengers and approximately 700,000 vehicles every year. There are ships belonging to the regular Greek ferry lines that depart for Piraeus every day. Also, there are ferries sailing directly to many other Aegean islands ports.

 It is obvious to understand Heraklion port is close to the city Heraklion center. A walk of 5minutes is enough to visit the Archaeological museum of heraklion, located in the center of the city, in Freedom square. The Historical museum is 10minutes far, west of Heraklion port and 400meters further of it located the Physical history museum of Heraklion. heraklion port serves thousands visitors evry day to other Aegean islands as well as many cruise ferries. It is consisted of interior marine sailing ferries marine and cruise ferries marines.

 we always meet with our clients to the Passengers station building front. the hire car is clean and ready at the port parking. A procedure of 2minutes is needed to fill in your personal details. you can easily return the vehicle at the same place or return the vehicle at another place of the island!

 Heraklion port is close to Heraklion airport, it needs 5minutes driving to arrive there. The high way cponnecting Heraklion with other cities starts from the airport. The national old road connecting Heraklion with Rethymnon is close to the port. We will supply a road ,map in order we show you the places to drive. The palace of Knossos is 15minutes far from the port and needs to drive straight  outside its exit to Ethnikis Antistaseos street and change to Knoosou street after 5minutes of driving.

The Heraklion Venetian Harbour as you will probably know it,  is one of the most picturesque settings in the capital city of Crete, offering an ideal spot for those who wish to relax and unwind from the bustling rhythms of the city. It is located at the end of the 25th of August Street and it used to be the main port of Heraklion. Today, as the new Heraklion port operates as trading and commercial hub, the old Venetian port is used by yachts and fishing boats.

The history of the Venetian Harbour is long and intriguing, just like the city of Heraklion .

Dominating the impressive Venetian Harbour in Heraklion, the Fortress of Koules sets the tone, as it is the landmark of the city. The Fortress of Koules was named ‘Sea Fortress’ by the Venetians but throughout the centuries the Turkish name prevailed. Today Koules gazes across the Aegean Sea reminding everyone the glorious Venetian Era in Candia, the Venetian name of Heraklion.

The mole of the harbor starts here; it offers an ideal place for leisurely strolls during summer. Tourists, visitors and locals enjoy the soothing sea breeze and the view to the harbor. The mole is also an excellent fishing spot; you can see amateur fishermen here waiting patiently for a fish all day long. If you feel like fishing, get your fishing rod or pole and get here. You can start a conversation with locals who will be more than glad to tell you stories about the Fortress and its history.

The Venetian Harbour of Heraklion is particularly nice in the evening hours, and offers the chance for a romantic and intimate stroll.

You can walk along the sea wall that starts from Koules and runs two kilometers into the sea; do not miss sitting for a nice coffee at the ‘Marina’ café opposite from Koules and enjoy a nice glass of ouzo and seafood tidbits at the tavernas around the harbor.

Just right from the Sea Wall there is a lovely pedestrian area offering nice views to the sea; you can stroll admiring the view or take a few pictures from this equally picturesque angle. This strolling path is called Bedenaki by the people of Heraklion, which stands for ‘Little Wall’. Across the road there are tavernas in abundance; their tables spread out on the pedestrian area and they are a popular place to sit and enjoy tidbits with ouzo or raki along with other locals and tourists.

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