After Covid-19 Era

Crete is one of the few destinations in Europe where there are no covid-19 people suffering from this pandemia. It is a result of “isolation” of population and the distance between Crete island and other parts of Greece, where the victims were much more.

This Invisible enemy of humankind is impossible to be “seen” with an eye! The enemy moves among us unseen. The technologies exist, but confusion reigns.

some journalists write:
There is also nothing new about this tactic. In the past, pandemics, catastrophes and other particularly harsh moments for humankind have been described by using a language of war. And just as our responses to pandemics and disasters have evolved with scientific advances, the consequences of war have been mitigated thanks to the progressive development of the law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law.

If we are in a war, appoint a commander and give them powers to requisition equipment and laboratory space and to second personnel. Get the tests up, running and available. Make a battle plan on who should be tested first (the frontline troops and their patients, then nursing home workers and carers), and then how to implement national surveys so we know where the virus is and will appear next.

I personally support it is a humanitarian crisis, a pandemia we should fight. It is obvious the virus was created and was spread by the same people, as many scientists support. The Chinese government support the opposite, the virus came from bats. The truth is somewhere between these two different opinions.

I personally focus on: how could human kind survive against such a tremendous disease?
Crete island is an island with 750000 population, an island with mountainous terrain, valleys as well sunny beaches and villages on plateaus areas and seaside villages.

The population is healthy, the climate is warm while people take all protection advices seriously.
The after covid-19 Era may be close, at least we believe so, for us on Crete island.
I wish you be healthy and follow the advice of the primary care physicians in your home country!

All the best from Crete, , C.M.