Arvi gorge, magic south Crete 2022!

Arvi Gorge – Vianos Heraklion.

arvi gorge, village The gorge of Arvi, one of the most spectacular gorges of Crete, has a north to south orientation. It begins in the Amiras area and ends up by the southern coast looking over the Libyan Sea. The outlet of the gorge is next to the Monastery of Agios Antonios, a little to the north of the current coastal settlement of Arvi. The gorge can be visited all year round, except in the wintertime, due to rainfall.

fodele village By the exit of the Arvi gorge is located the valley. In the valley of Arvi and the surrounding area, there are many greenhouses. The locals deal mainly with agriculture, due to the warm climate of the region favors the production of bananas, fresh vegetables and olive oil. The LITTLE SIZE banana of Arvi has a special schema and unique flavor. It is known that in 1981 the bananas of Arvi became very famous throughout Greece.

Arvi gorge Arvi Gorge is one of the safest to walk through with your family and friends! It is considered the best of south Heraklion. The area is very interesting, the surroundings are interesting too! Apart from the greenhouses and the great production of bananas, Arvi village is proud of great production in olive oil, fresh fish by the Libyan sea, vegetables and oranges! It is the richest place of south Heraklion in agriculture.

ierapetra Arvi has a microclimate characterized by high sunshine and lack of strong winds due to the protection offered by Mount Dikti. In the depth of the valley we find the imposing gorge of Arvi, which is an attraction. There is a spring with plenty of water from which the whole area is irrigated with bananas. To the east of the gorge dominates the Monastery of St. Anthony, which was built last. The fantastic gorge Arvi is nearby.

Arvi gorge is an attraction to all visitors and locals. It is a special place to visit. Arvi gorge is by far the most beautiful place with super important role for the climate and the surroundings of Arvi village! The best way to visit the place is hire a car!