Crete holidays

Summer in Crete holidays island, the best area to spend leisure days and meet a different way of life.

How do people spend their Crete holidays days.

Crete holidays Crete holidays is a place that most of people meet unique experiences. The places of the island are amazingly different between them. The land and the cultural tours differ from east to west of the island. the music and organ players as well gastronomic culture combine a Cretan unique way of life.

How do visitors choose places to stay Crete holidays

Crete holidays The most of places people select to stay change every year. This because there are numerous of private rental houses in Crete and professional hotels and apartments that host people. Crete holidays is numbering thousands of new guest houses that serve travelers all over the island.

Crete holidays How do locals manage servicing the tourists and visitors while Crete holidays take place? It is a fantastic way they find to do as professional as possible their best. There are educated people in tourism industry who guide workers and of course there are many owners who get trained every year offering high standards of tourism services.

Crete holidays Nevertheless local people manage servicing tourism, they are running very wealthy agricultural businesses! The economy of Crete is consisted of agriculture income and tourist industry income. The agriculture is higher. Cretan honey, olive oil, organic agriculture and production of vegetable are the most popular!

CHANIA-CITY-OLDPORT The city of Chania in the west of part of Crete is the most visited place on the island, the old port and the old city have a majestic amazing beauty, walking along the narrow streets brings memories of past. The locals preserved the city in excellent building condition.