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Where to go with kids? Which is considered as a safe covid place? Are we able to know some information before coming to Crete?

Families have major questions about where to go with kids,

Crete is a long island but some areas are ideal for visiting with kids. The villages are the first choice. There you can stay and enjoy the place easy, the kids can join the Greek kids and play in a quiet place, like being their home.
The second place is to stay in a village closeby the seaside, for sure there is no way you have trouble. All local people know how to advice and show the best place where to eat and sleep.
Generally, Crete has good quality of food. This means you can enjoy food with local taste at a reasonable cost, where you will never regret about. Children need quick and tasteful food, this is a major concern of all mothers, when they go for vacation.
Nevertheless the concerns you may have, donot hesitate visiting Crete island, the place is safe and the food is at a very good quality. Families love coming again and again, their children enjoy their stay, this means they love the place and get to know the Greek culture and how to move to the places thay visited the previous years. Enjoy your stay!

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