Excursion Details

Hundreds of people cannot decide whether they should buy a vacation or not.
It is a hard decision, buying or not a travel excursion to Crete island?

The answer is Yes. Crete has the major advantage of being not influenced, so far, from covid-19. The island hasnot faced the drama other cities faced the last 2 months. It is obvious high temperatures kill the virus. This is not enough, people are very careful too. Wearing a face cover or a mask helps very much.
We highly recommend you book your vacation to our beautiful island Crete. The majority of shops are open, the visitors will not feel there is a danger of covid19. The government has set rules every owner should follow. The consequences of not following the strict rules are tremendous high, all shop owners consider the consequences.
While arriving at Heraklion or Chania airport, All visitors will be screened for symptoms .
Iam sure You will travel again, but it will not be the same. This is how long-distance flights, business trips and holidays could change after the coronavirus pandemic. Crete has opened today.
In conclusion, i recommend you book your summer vacation to Crete, we are all looking forward in welcoming you!

Babis Mavrakis