Excursion Details

The jewel of south Crete, in Heraklion perfecture, is called “Kaloi Limenes”.

The longest beach in the area and the best accessible place with car. The area is very warm, estimate +5 or +6 degrees centigrade. the place is of high interest. The way to the beach is easy. The main beach is possible to host more than 2000 visitors. The main port of Kaloi Limenes is very close, there are taverns and mini market, hotels and apartments to stay. The Port Police authority building too. There are more than 5 small gulf places in less than 500meters from the port of Kaloi Limenes to swim. Some are not easy to drive, but walking is close to the port.
Kaloi Limenes are surrounded with trees, you can sleep under the trees and have a better protection from the strong Greek sun. Sun protection is important. Use tanning oil protection products that will provide you with additional sun protection; Help you get a tan faster; Make sure your tan is slow but healthy.
I donot recommend any other place closer than the Kaloi Limenes, as all other places Eastern are very far and with a very very bad road network!!
Lendas is not as nice as Kaloi Limenes.
Kaloi Limenes is the jewel of south Heraklion. Find your paradise place and start organizing your summer trips to Crete!