Loutro is seaside built village of south Chania region. It is the most visited place of “Sfakia region Chania”. the are is virgin, there are not many roads around to reach the placeand due to this the place stayed virgin and authentic over the years. The people staying there respect the fact the roads donot bring progress but “destroy” the nature and accepted the fact to live the way their grandparents used to, respecting the rare particuarity this place has.

Loutro Loutro is 96km far from Chania city, the best way to visit the village. Loutro is accessed by many ways. The best way is to drive by car to Chora Sfakion city port, then park the vehicle in a safe place (anything left in the car can be stolen) and get in a boat to do the sail tour to Loutro village with an approximate cost of 6-7eur properson. There are some boats sailing from Sfakia port to the place, either for leisure or for villagers who want a quick transferr to their village, a 25minutes distance.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete If you travel using a bus, get in a bus from Heraklion city or Rethymnon city or Chania city to Chora sfakion, estimate the distance between Vryses village to Sfakia port is 61km, the village of Vryses is the place where all busses “passs through” in order to turn direction to the south.
Generally distances are: Chania city to Vryses=30 km, Rethymnon city to Vryses=33km, Heraklion city to Vryses=100km.

Things to do when your base is Loutro village.
milatos 1. Relaxing is the best advise, we suggest you visit the place and get rest from the busy life of other island’s places.
2. Have a dinner in one of the village’s taverns, a possible romantic diner or even a family gather around a table f a local tavern!
3. Taste the fresh fish of the area, the delicious fresh fish fishermen fish in the Libyan sea. Small in size but very tasty!

loutro 4. Walk through the narrow roads of the village, if you are a person who likes walking or even hiking, famous direction paths A. from Loutro village to Aradaina gorge, estimate a 12km distance to walk, B. from Loutro village to Agia Roumeli=14.2km and 392m elevation, an E4 european path, C. from Loutro to Chora Sfakion an E4 path of 6km distance, D. from Loutro to Marmara beach, E. from Loutro to Anopolis village=580m elevation, F. Akrogiali beach, G. from Loutro to Phoenix E4 path to hike.

5. Swim in a beach closeby eastern of Loutro: A. Ilingas beach, a famous clear crystal waters beach, B. Glyka nera beach, C. Vrisi beach. Western side are: Loutro seaside and all beaches infron f the local hoteels and apartments.
rent-boat-crete 6. Rent a boat and explore all places you cannot walk to swim, there are many places along the coast where you can sail, stop and swim, you will be alone in paradise waters, by this way you win time and have the ability to reach the most steep cliffs of south Chania and swim in the front sea waters.

Loutro 7. Snorkeling or even diving is famous activiy, the waters are very clear and even somene who never tried will think this is the time to do so, there are diving schools in the area to get quick trained and try this unique experience!

Loutro Places to stay, sleep over the nights. there are many hotels and rooms to sleep, these are based close to Loutro village, some of them are the fllowing:
Loutro Molos apartments, Villa Niki, Sofia Rooms, Porto Loytro, Daskalogiannis apts, Kyma hotel, Loutro holidays, Loytro bay. All of them are available all summer season from April to ovember and some in the winter months too, donot forget the climate is very warm during the winter months and spring!

Loutro-Crete-southWhere to eat around Loutro, the best place we found trustworthy to enjoy localfood are: Pavlos tavern, Helios tavern, Notos tavern, Nikos tavern, Pantelitsa tavern, Glyka nera, Georgos tavern.

Book your holidays planning to visit this beautiful part of south Chania, a place you will never forget!

You can have a view through this video focusing in Sfakia-the way of life-the nature-people-from RAI 3 tv channel of Italy that hold all rights about Sfakia!