Seaside villages in Crete

Magnificent Seaside Villages in Crete:

Being hosted or even living in a seaside village of Crete is an exotic, one of a kind experience. Of course, many places of the coast like Ammoudara or Chania city own the benefits of cities. However, these picturesque villages with modern touches due to the frequent influx of tourists, have some benefits that are hard to overpass.  

Armeni Village Seaside villages in Crete, Informing you about these hidden gems of Crete is particularly important, since there you will find peace for your holidays, as they are considered ‘quiet’ destinations, and mainly you will meet the abundant hospitality of the locals who are trying to maintain Cretan tradition.  In other words, visiting these villages offers you an unique experience that provides you a different perspective of the island and along with the Mediterranean sunshine you will meet excellent hospitality mixed with traditional dishes and drinks like wine.  

Seaside villages in Crete are worth visiting as they blend the beauties of the sea with the peculiarities of nature, thus offering both idyllic landscapes and the wildness of nature that invites every visitor to explore it.

Georgioupolis Chania of ApokoronasSeaside villages in Crete Lifestyle: Lifestyle is one of the most important factors for visiting seaside villages, especially if you are a person that enjoys the sea. It has been described by many visitors that the Seaside Village Lifestyle has its own rhythms of time. This gives someone the opportunity to contemplate the sea and to consider in peace, away from any distractions of a city.

Milatos Milatos: Seaside villages in Crete: Milatos Seaside Village is located in the Lasithi regional unit and it’s the easternmost part of Crete. Milatos is considered a small village yet a perfect destination for people who love Cretan tradition, good wine and fishing. Milatos village consists of many stone-built houses, which enhances this sea landscape and takes the visitors back to the time these houses were first built.

Milatos-car-rentals The village has also some small fishing spots were many fishers gather together to enjoy this activity. It’s a worth-visiting destination as tourists can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and wander in the charming streets admiring the traditional architecture of village. We recommend you to visit Milatos beach as well and eat at the seafood taverns in the port along with a spectacular sunset. You can get there by hiring a car from our company , or you can get tickets for buses.

makrygialos Makrigialos: Seaside villages in Crete: Makrigialos Seaside Village is a true hidden gem that lies in the Ierapetra region, In Eastern Crete. Most tourists enjoy their staying in Makrigialos by the sea. This village is also famous for its vibrant summer life and

Seaside villages in Crete Analipsi: Seaside villages in Crete: Analipsi village is a seaside destination for those people who enjoy their Cretan wine next to a spectacular sunset near a beach. This village is considered a very good central location for exploring Crete, especially when travelling by car. Near to the region of Gouves, Analipsi village has some crowed places by tourists and also some other less crowed in a little distance from outside.

Seaside villages in Crete Bali: Seaside villages in Crete: Bali Seaside Village is one of the best areas in Crete for exploring, with stunning beaches like Geropotamos in less than 8 minutes away by car. This particular destination is a world-wide famed one as it has taken over by tourism on mostly summer months. In Bali Seaside Village you can enjoy your holidays by mostly visiting its beautiful beaches, like Livadi Beach, Varkotopos Beach and certainly Mythos Beach.

Seaside villages in Crete Fodele: Seaside villages in Crete: Fodele Seaside Village is a very beautiful and traditional village, located just 10km distant from Agia Pelagia. Fodele village is a charming and romantic destination in Crete, which is also very popular among tourists and locals.

fodele village fodele fodele village Seaside villages in CreteFodele is considered a green area. With that being said, Fodele has a vast area of orange production, lemon, olive oil and mandarins as well. There are several traditional taverns with excellent food and shops with ceramic products, a tradition that is still active today. You can also admire the breath-taking landscape of this village by exploring it by foot, when get there. There’s the Fodele Beach, which many tourists visit Crete for this specific area.

Palaiochora Palaiochora is one of the most visited places of Crete. The area is surrounded by many beautiful beaches, the port of Paleochora is considered one of the most important in the south west of Crete, connecting the island with Gavdos island and of course the areas where you cannot access by car-Loutro-Sfakia-exit of Samaria gorge and many other seaside places around the west of Crete! The town of Palaiochora is located on the south coast of Crete, the port was center of trade. This town/village lies close to Kandanos town and close to Chania city -almost 65km far.

ammoudara Ammoudara is a nice quiet place of Gazi village, the place where you can relax and have a good time, combining free time and good pleasure experience.

Where is Ammoudara

The place of Ammoudara is located 4km away far from Heraklion city center, obviously the first area you meet exiting Heraklion city to the west. It is the first closest place you can find a nice beach to swim when leaving the city, Gazi is the name of the area, just 10 minutes away from the city center by car, through the busy roads of Heraklion city!