Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

Agricultural Crete,

Crete has a very fertile land and each region has a different production. There are many types of different fruits Cretan farmers product.Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

Eastern Crete has a great production of Vegetables and olive oil. The climate is some kind of subtropical, this means farmers have a wide production with many types of plants and trees. Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

sitia farmers Sitia and Palekastro product excellent quality of Olive oil and honey. Kato Zakros product honey of high quality and wine, the olive oil is extra virgin quality too and claims to be the area that every year wins worldwide competitions due to the olive oil quality.

palekastro apts Palekastro, East of Crete, is full of olive groves and vineyards. It is the warmest and most “temperate” climate of Crete! The quality is standard to be excellent every year!

makrygialos Makry Gialos and Ierapetra have numerous of greenhouses. The production is based on vegetables and main products are peppers, tomatoes, cauli flowers,cabbages,onions and lettuces. 
ierapetraYou can find some few fruit trees, apart from olive groves.
Safe driving in Crete Lassithi plateau is the number 1 area that produce potatoes. It is a huge area of millions sq meters that all farmers produce the same product. The potato of Lassithi is well known all over Europe.
Agricultural Crete, amazing land!
malia Malia village is an area that farmers produce bananas. It is the Cretan banana that is small in size but very tasteful,
malia village comparing to the American bananas that are big but with no taste.
banana arvi Arvi village is the famous place of production of Bananas, you can find the product called Arvis banana. The area is very warm, temperatures reach 40 degrees in summer and an average of 22degrees daily in winter months, the climate is perfect for farmers and plant production all year, the farmers grow the products in greenhouses. The village of Arvi has plenty of water and well organized farmer community. Besides, they produce Okra and peppers.

Agricultural Crete, amazing land!
fodele village Fodele village of Malevizi, farmers produce oranges and olive oil. This is the place where all farmers grow orange trees, the closest place in Malevizi area to Heraklion city. It is the birthplace of Dominikos Theotokopoulos, the El Greco famous painter!

messara bay Messara is the king area of vegetables production, it is  Messara valley, a huge area south of Heraklion. Messara is a warm south area of Crete that farmers produce tomatoes, potatoes, onions, fruit trees, vineyards and in summer months water melons and melons. Moires and Tymbaki are an example of these places.

Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

krousonas village Krousonas village is an area where farmers produce apples and olive oil, it is an area in a mountainous eastern side of Psiloritis mountain.

RethymnonRethymnon is an area producing vegetables and olive oil too. The area called “Perivolia” is the place where most farmers produce vegetables.

asigonia village Asi Gonia is an area producing goat milk, apples and walnuts. It is the most rainy area of Crete. The surrounding is perfect for hunting, as this area is full of hare animals and wild pigs.

kissamos village Kissamos is the western city of Crete, west of Chania. Farmers produce vegetables, onions, Cabbages and tomatoes, they produce extra voirgin olive oil too.
Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

paleochora-villagePaleochora and Koundoura arre places that farmers produce tomatoes and all types of plants, such as berries, fruit trees and peppers, oranges and potatoes. Paleochora is 1 hour and 30 minutes far from Chania city.

paleochora It is the south western part of Greece. Fruit trees-Fertile landscapes-extra virgin olive oil-fresh vegetables-all coming from the Cretan land. Koundoura is famous for the tomatoes production and vegetables in the green houses and in open fields! Agricultural Crete, amazing land!

In conclusion, all areas produce honey and olive oil, climate of Crete is warm in winter and hot in the summer! Hire a car and drive to all these interesting places! Agricultural Crete, amazing land!