Richtis gorge

Richtis Gorge – Lassithi Crete beautiful gorges

Richtis Gorge – LassithiThis is one of the most beautiful small gorges of Eastern Crete, following a well-marked route. Located in the prefecture of Lassithi, between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia on the northern coast, it follows the stream which flows all year round, creating a splendid waterfall. “Richtis” word means waterfall in Cretan dialect.

richtis-gorgeThe Richtis Gorge in eastern Crete is a lush paradise. Hiking in the gorge is done in the shade of trees with a stream wing, even during the summer months. It’s a very special place for hiking.

Where is Richtis gorge located

The Richtis Gorge is close to the village of Exo Mouliana in eastern Crete. It has a small stream flowing in it, even during the summer months. Consequently the gorge is lush and wooded and most of the walking is done in the shade of trees.

How can i get there

By car

You can hire a car from Heraklion airport, this is the easiest way to get to the village Exo Mouliana and then to the trailhead. You will need to follow the signs that will take you there.

By bus

There is a bus driving from Sitia city and will take 30minutes to arrive in Exo Mouliana, then you will need to walk to the village-the bus stops by the main road- and walk to the gorge entrance. If you come from Heraklion city or even Agios Nikolaos or Ierapetra, then get the bus for Sitia and stop at the point of Exo Mouliana.

By taxi

This is an easy way to drive, a taxi driver will know the location to drive you to the correct place.

By bicycle or motor bike

This is a new way to do the Richtis gorge, many young people choose to adventure and ride until the point they see is possible.

How does walking start

The walk begins at the Lachanas bridge, a lovely stone-built bridge dating from near the end of the 19th century. It once carried the main road from Agios Nikolaos to Sitia and in the early years of the 20th century. This is an example of how old bridges were constructed that period. The important is you cross the bridge with safety and this one looks fine.

While walking you’ll come across the ruins of a plunge mill. These are a type of water mill that were perfectly suited to the small and rocky streams that are common on Crete. They work by tapping the stream much further up and bringing the water down a gently-sloping man-made channel to a pond about fifteen meters above the mill and the stream. A gate in the pond allows water to plunge down a tower, at the bottom the energy of the falling water turns a mill wheel. The waste water flows out of the mill and back into the stream, where it can be re-used by other mills further down.

What is interesting to do in Richtis gorge

It is important to walk down the last steps so you finally enjoy the magnificent scenery of the waterfall! This is a special place of Crete where the nature shows people an amazing beauty! The waterfall creates a small lake where everyone swims.

richtis beachIf you go on straight you will arrive to the beach of Richtis. Concrete tables are ready to get rest and swim in the beautiful beach waters. There is a parking place too, for those who want to park their car and just swim. I donot recommend you walk the gorge by the opposite side=beach Richtis to Exo Mouliana, as i am afraid you will be very tired walking up hill and will make the trip difficult. Do follow all information given and make sure you rent a car or choose one of the suggestions we offered.