Heraklion beaches-magic 2022 places

Heraklion beaches, You can select to spend your vacation to any place of Crete, but for sure Heraklion has some very very beautiful beaches to swim! In order you find accurate information, we will offer the following places:

Agia Pelagia beach

Agiofaraggo beach

Ammoudara beach in Malevizi

Amnissos beach

Aposelemi Beach

Analipsi beach

Dermatos beach

Fodele beach

Gouves beach

Kalamaki beach

Kokkini Hani beach

Karteros beach

Keratokambos beach

Kokkinos Pyrgos beach

Kommos beach

Loutro beach

Lygaria beach

Linoperamata beach-Ellinoperata in Malevizi

Lendas beach

Matala beach

Malia beach-archaeological area

Mononaftis beach (Agia Pelagia) in Malevizi

Psaromoura beach (Agia Pelagia) in Malevizi

Paleokastro beach in Malevizi

Psari Forada beach

Red Beach (Matala)

Stalida beach

Saradaris beach (Hersonissos)

Tymbaki long beach

Tobrouk beach

Tsoutsouros beach

Tertsa beach

Tris Eklisies beach

Vathianos Kampos

Where to go for swimming, is there a beach with no waves among Heraklion beaches?

There are many beaches you can go and swim with no waves, we usually call them “safe beaches”. The best close by Heraklion is Agia Pelagia and Lygaria beaches. The places are surrounded with rocks and are actually physical gulfs with clear sand, the places are safe for children and families, there are many restaurants by the beachfront.
If you drive south of Heraklion, the Matala beach is a good choice, Kommos beach and Kalamaki are the top beaches to swim safe, the gulf of Messaras is always warm and there are no waves, except if the wind is south that is rare phenomenon during the summer days.

Malia beach-archaeological area

Malia beach in the archaeological site area is the most beautiful beach of north coast in Malia and Sissi areas. The place is clean and has a long beach with white sand to spend you day pleasantly.

Malia is a big village with many hotels, many apartments and too many beaches to swim, relax and spend your days with pleasure.

maliabeach archaeological
Malia Beach archaeological site

Malia beach

Overall, it’s a great place to unwind and relax with friends.

Tobrouk beach

Tobrouk beach is a long white sandy beach, located east of the city and just 5 km from Heraklion city center.

heraklion beachesTobrouk beach is a popular beach for Greek people, it is always full of people and is the first choice for the city’s citizens.

heraklion beachesThe place of Tobrouk is very close to Karteros beach, another very famous beach 2kilometers far from the airport of Heraklion, a wide beach with many sport activities.

Find more information reading our Bloq pages

Lygaria Beach

Lygaria beach is one of the best Heraklion beaches places, this is the one we propose to families and travelers who donot want to risk swimming among waves, this place is in a gulf and no waves exist.

Lygaria beach Lygaria beach is located just 22km far from Heraklion city, it is west and in the north coast. Heraklion beaches best place to swim!

It is a quiet location ideal for children, the beach is protested for Caretta Caretta turtles, they every year born their eggs there. The protected loggerhead sea turtle- Caretta Caretta has become an endangered species they visit the island every year to nest and lay their eggs, a lovely excursion for the whole family and nature lovers. An absolute must-see is Lygaria located. From both spots, boats of various sizes leave frequently for a trip to the Lygaria and turtle Spotting.

Matala beach

Matala beach is just 75 km away from Heraklion. Secluded fine sand beach with crystal clear waters among rock caves, the famous beach where hippies used to stay during 70’s!

Matala village is well organized, you will find all you need to spend a fantastic day! There are restaurants, cafes and many apartments around, fresh fish and a relaxing atmosphere!

If you think Matala is not in your plans, i recommend you spend a day over this place!

Agia Pelagia Beach

Amazing beach with soft and white sand, very small but beautiful. The spot is ideal for various water activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Agia Pelagia Beach is 23km far from Heraklion city, there are numerous of luxury hotels and apartments nearby, the resort is well know to visitors who come every year and is considered a must for those who want to swim in safe waters with no waves.

Many families visit the beach during the summer since it is suitable for children. You can also enjoy various water sports activities like Scuba diving.

The staff of Aqua dive will train you, if you are amateur, teach you before diving and guide you around the gorgeous waters of Agia Pelagia, one of the best Heraklion beaches!

Amazing Beaches near the City of Heraklion

All families and couples wish to find the best possible beach for swimming, it is important you select the place of your preference by reading our suggestions, Heraklion beaches are clean and most of them given the Blue Flag of EU, where it shows the standards are high.

Ammoudara Beach

Ammoudara beach is located only 7 km from the center of Heraklion. It is one of the most popular resorts in the area. Since the city of Heraklion actually lacks a good beach next to the city, Ammoudara is the first option that visitors have to check the seaside of Crete upon arrival. Strong winds are present, so surfing and windsurfing are ideal close to the western part of the beach where surf school and sea activities take place.

Paleokastro Beach in Malevizi

Paleokastro beach is a very small but interesting beach to visit, it is located 14km far from Heraklion and just 3.5km far from Ammoudara place. There are small tavernas by the sea coast to have a lunch or dinner, selecting fresh firsh.

There is a castle on the top of the rock, where the Venetians used to check the pirates and ships which were sailing against the city of Heraklion, it is one of the most beautiful castles of Heraklion prefecture.

The place is accessible, where you can find to park and step into the beach.

This place is not safe to swim very far, there are underwater waves where it is dangerous to risk swimming far.

Agiofaraggo beach

A beach that most people want to visit, difficult accessed. The water is clear and shallow, ideal for families with kids.

agiofaraggo beach heraklion south If you are not keen on swimming, donot visit this beach. The place is so beautiful and the scenery is like in exotic islands, you cannot trust to swim without being a good swimmer! There are dangerous waves that sometimes play a bad role and people lose their lives easy!

You must be well trained to walk down the beach, the place is accessible until one point and then you will need to walk through a small canyon until you exit to the paradise beach of Agiofaraggo! Donot drive with a mini car, a jeep or a type SUV car is needed!

Lendas Beach

Sandy beach with shallow clear waters. It’s 68 km from Heraklion and a great spot for families. Rock formations are also found in the area. The waves are mild and the swcenery is breathtaking.

Heraklion beaches This beach is selected from those who want to sleep over the night under the trees. the place is fantastic, quiet and with clean blue green waters, ideal for families.

If you are looking for rude beach, there is one next to it and is very much visited from couples and independent travellers.