Extreme Sports in Crete , adventurous wonderful living 2022!

Extreme Sports in Crete , adventurous living: Crete islands most viewed side is the peaceful one , for family vacations , deep-blue calm waters , exceptional traditional food etc . The other side of the coin , however , witness the exact opposite !

Most extreme sports are considered as an alternative to mainstream sports with their adrenaline-rushing thrills. Extreme Sports in Crete

Extreme Sports in Crete: Crete’s extreme sports are becoming more and more popular over the years and that’s simply because the island has the appropriate facilities for Tandem paragliding flight , Parasailing , Canoeing , Quad excursion , Jet ski Safari , Scuba diving , Sea kayaking , Rock Climbing , Safari , Surfing , Windsurfing , Coasteering , Stand up Paddle , Wake boarding , Mountain bike and many other adventurous experiences!

What you may need! Extreme Sports in Crete , adventurous living

You may simply need to bring a change of clothes, footwear, hat, sunscreen and a sense of adventure. If you are doing it all yourself you will require specialized gear plus safety, rescue and first aid equipment.

What kind of extreme sports to choose:


Mountain biking is a popular outdoor recreational activity in Crete! It is a creative and healthy way to escape from the routine to discover every aspect of the Cretan lands !

Crete in full of mountain biking routes , especially designed for this purpose . However , trails vary from pleasant rides on wide, flowing logging roads to high-adrenaline challenges on technical singletrack , so you don’t even have to be in the mountains !

kolymbari bicycle Mountain biking is also beneficial for the health , as it is proven that this kind of activity improves heart health problems , decreases the risk of diseases , reduces stress and improves mood , increases brain power and improves balance and coordination and of course you can enjoy the nature . extreme sports in crete adventurous wonderful living 2022

There are many cycling and mountain biking clubs in Crete that organize such events!


Elounda Crete Scuba diving is the best way to explore the amazing sensation of breathing underwater in a safe and friendly environment !

It’s a calm and sensational way to explore Crete’s marine life underwater! All over the island you can meet scuba diving stations and booking offices .

Scuba diving is beneficial for the health , as many studies have shown that this kind of activity increases emotional well-being(mostly because its incredibly relaxing and many are positive affected by these underwater colorful images , tropical fishes etc)  , improves blood circulation , helps to relieve stress, increases strength and flexibility of muscles and of course creates a connection with the Cretan natural.


extreme sports in Crete As Crete offers plenty of rock sceneries , a great sport to try is rock climbing . It is a creative and full of adrenaline way to escape from the routine to discover every aspect of the Cretan lands!

Crete is full of mountains and many perfect climbing-spots to begin with . If you are reasonably fit and get yourself a proper equipment , you can start by the most famous spot Kapetaniana . extreme sports in crete adventurous wonderful living 2022

Other interesting places are : Monte Vardia(It’s just a breath from the city centre with superb view to the city of Chania and the harbor) , Agiofarago (the southernmost climbing area in Crete), Dikti(The climb routes are on the nothwest side of the mountain near the Limnakaro-Plateau), Plakias(It is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south), Agia Paraskeui Cave (It’s just a few minutes driving from the village of Skotino and is at a height of 225 meters above sea-level), Hohlakies Gorge, Richtis gorge, Topolia gorge, Samaria gorge and many other .


Meteora, in Kalambaka, close to Trikala city  Safari is one of the most widespread reasons to come and visit the island! The mountains of Crete are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road driving.

Its an adventurous and full of adrenaline way to explore the mountainous area of Crete !There are many safari  booking offices around Crete , remember that this kind of activity is organized in groups or you can rent a jeep in a rental office .

Some of the most famous destinations are : Lassithi Safari , Rethymnon , Mirabello and Psiloritis Safari .

Similar activities are Quad safari or off-road baggy adventure !

Sailing , Extreme sports in Crete :

dia island-swim The island of Crete is a wonderful sailing destination as it has many lovely bays and coves with clear turquoise waters so wherever you decide to go, you won’t regret it.

Sailing is a very interest sport to know , because it has so much adrenaline when on board and it also requires some basic knowledge about it , so its theoretical and practical as well !

Sailing-Gulf of Mirabello

Located in the north-east of the island, this wide gulf offers excellent conditions for sailing. Near to this area there are some ancient Minoan settlements that are worth-visiting .

Gramvousa Island & Balos Lagoon

Crete island information The most beautiful thing about it is that you can enjoy the peace and quiet in the exquisite waters, see the amazing sunset, relax and let your mind and body enjoy this piece of heaven on Earth.

There are many booking offices for this kind of activity all over Crete!

ATTENTION: For all these kind of activities is  strictly recommended the presence of a professional instructor !