Holiday in Crete

Holiday in Crete!

Destination Greece, Crete island.

Family Holiday in Crete, an interesting place that combines all amenities a visitor holidaying could find!

 Crete prides of producing olive oil, wheat, barley and indeed all the cereal crops, vegetables, meat and fish. Each area  produces its own specialities, the powerful rays of the sun produces every kind of tropical fruit and vegetables, but is mostly celebrated for its extra virgin olive oil .

The low cost food of Crete is a main reason to Holiday in Crete! The delicious Cretan diet, the ancient recipes we inherited, the cooking of food with natural products-of the season, avoiding genetically modified and chemically fertilized crops, Crete has the advantage to host people from all over the world.

Eat drink and have fun, drive to all far places, visit the “natura areas”, eat delicious village food to small taverns all around the villages, transport Toll Free, taste and diet!

We wish you have a Great 2020 summer!