Knossos gorge

Knossos gorge – Knossano Faragi Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges

Knossos gorge, with a length of 6 km, is essentially the natural continuation of the sacred mountain Giouchta. It is actually south of Heraklion city, just 6km distance from the city center.

Drive to Knossos gorge by car

Knossos gorge Knossos gorge is easy to be accessed with a car. A hire car is the best way to reach the beginning of the gorge. take the direction to the south, pass through Leoforos Knossou street and keep driving passing Venizeleio hospital and then Knossos palace ruins direction to Archanes.

Visit Knossos gorge by bus

Go to Heraklion bus station and get the bus to Knossos or Archanes. The bus can stop in an easy point so you continue your hiking trip. The location of the beginning of Knossos gorge is easy.

Drive to Knossos gorge by Taxi

It is the most common way to drive to the start point, while using a rental car or a bus may take time to find the place.

Knossos gorge Knossos gorge (Knossano) with mountain water running from the gorge’s springs coming from the valley of village Archanes, located at the eastern slopes of Giouchtas mountain through the river Keratos, falling in the port of city Heraklion through river of Katsambas. Agia Irini in Spilia is an area close by the gorge.

Knossos gorge From Ano Archanes-church Agios Mamas walk and than cross Kato Millos, where there are still traces of an old watermill and the stream turns abruptly into a narrow canyon with high rocks. This canyon has been the main feeder of the colossal adequate Morosini. This place is called Archaniotiko Gorge and is the most impressive point of the whole site; the asphalt road that leads to the village of Syllamos runs along the river.

Knossos gorge Walk to the area of ​​Myristi, where a small waterfall (4m all year round) continues to the bridge Karydaki and the ruined Monastery of Panagia Kardiotissa. Agia Irini in Spilia is a place the water flows through ruined watermills. The river is next to the Palace of Knossos and flows into the port of Heaklion through Katsabas suburb under Kazantzidis road.

The best time to walk the gorge is all year round! The climate is mild and the location is surrounded from mountains. The best time is always the day that sun shines, a day with temperature of 20 degrees a typical winter day.

kounaviano gorge

Kounaviano Gorge – Heraklion is very close to Knossos gorge. Only half an hour, (15 km) from Heraklion, the gorge of Kounaviano, one of the richest in vegetation and natural wealth in the whole prefecture, can be found. It took its name from Kounavoi village and is very interesting to walk through.

martsalo gorge beachMartsalo Gorge – Asterousia south Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Martsalo, that belongs to the municipality of Phaistos, is one of the most characteristic and beautiful gorges of southern Crete. It is located at the western foot of the Asterousia mountain range, right next to Agiofarago, and south of Monis Odigitria (Monastery). It is 2 kilometres long and the elevation difference between the entrance and the beach of Martsalo, where it ends up, is approximately 145 metres.

agios nikolaos gorge ZarosAgios Nikolaos Gorge – Crete – Heraklion south. Crete beautiful gorges

in the southern flank of Psiloritis (Idi Mountain). The gorge of Agios Nikolaos or Rouvas Gorge is located in Heraklion. You can start from the Lake Zaros, and after 1.5 km you will come across the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas). You follow the path to the left and ascend towards the entrance of the gorge. The spectacle is not very pleasant since in 1994 that point burned (it is about the 1/3 of the gorge). But when you skip this point and keep hiking, you will see the real beauty! The length of the gorge is 4 km and the route can be uphill or downhill.