Tylissos, a picturesque archaeological site near Heraklion.Three Minoan houses with wall structures still clearly evident even for those who are not an archeology specialist to explore!

Tylissos A beautiful little site Tylissos, and well worth the visit if you are into archaeology, the colors are perfect for photography. The whole area is scenic and the site brings it up a notch. The signs combined with the (borrowed) book with info and maps meaning exactly what you will be looking at and what it means.

Tylissos Personnel at the entrance are very friendly. Little building with the bathroom are also very neat and clean. Tylissos is a great alternative if Knossos is too crowded for you. The site is super interesting, you can walk around freely around the buildings and enjoy the atmosphere. You can find more information in Heraklion Museum, the place main items of ancient Tylissos are exhibited!

Tylissos A great place to learn about the Minoans, without the crowds and the early 20th century additions of Knossos. Nice and quiet – you can just sit there and enjoy the place. Not a very big site, but well maintained, great place for kids, safe and quiet!

car hire CreteYou can reach the place by Car, just head direction to Anogia village and after crossing the junction from Arolithos to Tylissos you will need 5 minutes to arrive to the ruins of Tylissos ancient city!

crete-taxi Hiring a Taxi is a very good idea, the place is very close to Heraklion airport and is easy to be transferred safe.

Tylissos The bus is a very good and safe way to do the Heraklion – Tylissos journey, it is just 35minutes to go. The bus stops by the village square and Tylissos ruins are just 5 minutes walk far.

Tylissos After that you must definitely go and have lunch and cretan coffee in the small village! Off the beaten track, quiet but really worth the visit. You are able to walk around the entire site with many information boards in Greek and English to guide you round the three buildings.

Tylissos A great place to learn about the Minoans, without the crowds and the early 20th century additions of Knossos. Nice and quiet – you can just sit there and enjoy the place.Not a very big site, but well maintained. Only 2 euro entrance for an adult and kids below 18 are free.

TylissosNot hard to find, but without navigation you might drive past it (like i did twice).Small and compact archeological site of a Minoan complex of villas up in the mountains. It’s worth paying a visit and combine it with a tour to Voulismeno Aloni, a rare geological phenomenon.

Tylissos You can top it up with lunch to local taverns. A beautiful small excavation. Very good explained. Watch it and you have a contrast to Knossos or Phaistos and you ll understand why Knossos is so important.If you fancy a quiet peruse of an ancient settlement, this one is perfect: €2pp, well curated, and you can access the site and walk amongst the ruins.

Tylissos Much better value for money if you wish to avoid tourist traps (I.e. Knossos €15!)The most Ancient Village Worldwide !!!!! A 6000 years place that can make you feel proud of our Ancestors for their achivements in Home Design and Life !!!!!

TylissosThe well organized area is only few meters away from the heart of village and our Traditional Hospitality Center !!!! You Are All Welcome to this Gorgeous place, good information on the signs also a beautiful view. Good parking too. Clean toilets. Personnel who always smile and village people who are prompt to help you find the site. the village of Tylissos has the same name since 4000 BC, imagine how proud the people who stay at this village are!