Lygaria beach

Lygaria beach is located west of Heraklion city in Municipality of Malevizi. The place is a small gulf that locals have their swim bath all year round. Families spend vacations on this small village. The area has all a visitor needs to spend some relaxing days far from overcrowded areas.

Where is Lygaria beach

Lygaria beach Lygaria beach is a well known village port, amateurs fishermen spend time fishing in the sea. Lygaria is a suburb of Agia Pelagia area that is 2km far connected with a road, just 14km far from Heraklion city in it’s west side and 6km far from Gazi by car. The beachfront is built with houses and taverns that cook fresh fish and delicious local Cretan food. The location is easy to drive, there is a municipal parking close to the beach.

Interesting things to do in Lygaria beach

Lygaria beach Lygaria beach is a place where most visitors wish to do snorkeling, the waters are clear crystal blue green and the fishes are visible before diving into the sea! The diving school is known for diving skills and for training people try diving with them.

Exploring the Underwater World

Stalis beach With rich coral reefs and a variety of marine life, Stalis Beach is a great place for diving and snorkeling, there are many curves with small rocks. If you’re a fan of the underwater world, be sure to bring your swimming suit and explore the amazing sights this beach has to offer, rear species of fishes of the Cretan sea. Find Aquadive team.

Lygaria beach There is also a wind surf school that learns you skiing in the sea, an activity known and wind surfing one more adventurous one. There is no wind in this gulf but when sailing out of it the scenery of Cretan sea is majestic and wind is enough to explore the beaches close by, Agia Pelagia and Mades.

The most visitors wish to try fishing, there are local fishermen that explore the seaside and teach how to do fishing, it could be a fishing lesson that ends with cooking in the boat and lunch all together. If you decide to eat alone, you can have the fishes cooked by a local tavern of the village.

There are interesting places to visit based in Lygaria beach such as Ammoudara area, Agia Pelagia village, Mades beach, Fodele village, Bali village, Heraklion city, Museum archaeological of Heraklion, Natural history museum Crete, Knossos palace in Heraklion.

How to get to Lygaria beach

There are many easy ways to get to the place, the area is closeby to major city Heraklion and Ammoudara area.

By bus to Lygaria beach

Lygaria beach is an easy access point from voak E95 road. There is an exit that shows easy how to find the place. The Ktel bus organization drives there with a local bus, the times they depart Heraklion city(port station) are changing between summer and winter months.

By car to Lygaria beach

Crete rent a carYou will need to drive with a rental car the E95 road direction to Agia Pelagia, there is a sign to turn for Lygaria beach. The place is accessible by the main high way exit from Eastern side, Heraklion-Gazi-to the place and from the west side through the main exit to Agia Pelagia, this because there is no safe exit on the high way to turn if you will not choose that exit. After exiting to Agia Pelagia(from west), drive down hill and find the sign writing “Lygaria”. Donot trust GPS units, they may indicate you “cross” the highway illegally that could result to an accident.

By Taxi to Lygaria beach

The Taxi solution is always a safe way to drive to this place, inexpensive location and close to the airport or port, estimate an expense of 18-20eur from Heraklion city, airport or port.

Lygaria beach is a place families select to spend their days. There is a Municipality lifeguard during April to October that makes the beach safer to swim. There are no waves, there is no wind when the weather turns to north, the gulf is a kind of “protection” for all, people and fishermen.

Best time to visit Lygaria beach

The weather in Crete is warm during summer months and spring-fall periods too and in the winter mild. The best period is between May and September, the climate is between 20-40degrees and the possibility not to swim is very low.

Where to stay in Lygaria beach area

There are very good hotels around the Lygaria beach gulf built. The most of them are apartments, hosting families and couples. There are 3-5star resorts closeby in Mades and in Agia Pelagia such as 3star apartments and bnb houses, villas to stay. If you stay in Ammoudara, hiring a car makes it easy to be transferred everyday, this is a 6-7km distance only.

Where to eat in Lygaria beach

Lygaria beach The area Lygaria beach is famous for the fresh fish taverns cook. The fishermen sell their fishes to the taverns on the beach. You will be able to taste Cretan delicious fish and local recipes too.

Lygaria beach Nevertheless Lygaria beach is a fantastic location for families and retired people, it is one of the most quiet area close to Heraklion city. We recommend you spend your vacation to the place and have a great time!