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One of the most famous characteristics of Greece is its precious wine. Countless visitors from all over the world have tasted the magic of Greek wine. Wine was for the ancient Greeks an integral part of their entertainment, from sporting events such as the Olympic Games to the celebrations dedicated to the god Dionysius, the god of good food and wine. Crete has a great tradition in the art of wine making. In its land, vast areas of vineyards have been cultivated since the time of the Minoans, the ancestors of today’s Cretans!

Crete has a long history of wine production, more than 60 wineries, including several world-class producers and a number of distinctive local grape varieties.

History of Cretan wine, WINES OF Crete,

grape of crete Crete embraces a unique spot in wine making history. WINES OF Crete:

  • Minoan civilization (200-1400 BC) remained a strong trading partner to the Egyptians. These kind of trades (such as wine , honey , timber, wood) were the very first steps of trade between the two close partners . Minoans imposted Egyptians wine making techniques and palaces such as Knossos had their own vineyards.
  • During the Roman time , a famous sweet wine protoporos wine was exported to Italy in the 2nd century .
  • Under Byzantine rule , then Iberian Muslims , crusader , Genoese and from 1212 to 1669 the Venetians , the island continued its wine tradition . During this period, the island was well known for the sweet Malvasia di Candia wine, product of Malevizi area of Crete.

wines of Crete The element of wine that has been widespread since then , was a welcome sign for the guest of the island.

wines of Crete Local winemakers have been able to travel and explore winemaking in different regions and bring that knowledge back home.

Cretan grape varieties, WINES OF Crete:

  • Dafni : An aromatic white grape variety is a delicious and unusual wine . Its taste is characterized as herbal , with notes of rosemary , thyme and a lemon curd citrusy note. Dafni comes from the wider area of Heraklion ! It is a variety that pleases those who enjoy rich wines , but abhor high alcohol levels .
  • Vilana. Vilana is the uncontested queen of the white vine varieties of the island .Generally fresh and aromatic but can be bland and generic.
  • Liatiko. This is the most widely planted red grape in Crete and it’s used in both rosé and red wines. Light in colour with strawberry, red fruit and cooking herb notes. It certainly drinks well on a sunny terrace overlooking the sea. Dessert wines from Liatiko are ideal for those who want to enjoy sweet red wines with lower alcohol .
  • Kotsifali.  This wine taste is soft, pale and potentially aromatic’ .

wines of Crete There was a tradition that still keeps in some villages to bury a barrel of this wine when a child was born in order to serve it years later at their wedding. Kotsifali gives full and rich wines , which are addressed to wine lovers who prefer a soft taste

WINES OF Crete, There are many criteria for wine quality, there are many European countries competing the quality, most of them reach high level, Balkans and central Europe, southern Europe and the islands, Crete and all Greek islands pride for producing wines in seaside front fields. The taste is different than other wines of other areas, the people who really enjoy drinking the Greek wines do it as they find something special, although they may be producers of excellent quality wines.

WINES OF Crete, There are many farmers who started working on vineyards, they produce grapes and focus on wine and tsikoudia or Raki- products, they show priority to wines. There are many visitors who look to find the places the wines and grapes coming from. Obviously the quality of the wine is characterized by the area it comes from! WINES OF Crete!