Monastery of Savathiana

Monastery of Savathiana is a historic place, it is the place where during wars rebels could sleep. The nuns were always working for common good. The location of the Monastery is on the top of the mountain, the whole Malevizi prefecture is on sight and the city of Heraklion too. Many archaeological important items have been found, important small bridge over a seasonal river that people cross walking dates from 1535, as can be read on a stone. A more interesting place could be hard to find, the whole Monastery area is unique beautiful, the quietness is everywhere rich spread, God is all around the place!

Monastery Odigitrias Monastery of Savathiana Monastery of Savathiana is built on the Mountain of Vasiliko, just close to the village of Rodia. The place is majestic, the area is hosting the Monastery building only. The view to the mountain and to the sea is amazing.

How to get to Monastery of Savathiana

By car

From the village of Gazi you may follow the road to Rodia village, a place to stop and get rest and then go on driving up hill to the Monastery Savathiana (1hr). There is a difficult way to reach the Monastery, this is from the south west side that connects the inland villages with mountain Vasiliko. The road is unpaved and is coming from Doxa village or Marathos village through olive groves and fields with trees, it is quite far and the time needed to do so is more than driving the asphalt road from Gazi village.

By taxi

crete-taxi You can hire a Taxi and drive there-the problem is the Taxi driver may refuse driving the dirt road, so you may need to walk long to reach the place.

By bus

mini bus transfers There is a bus that drives to Rodia village, then it stops and you will need to walk for 2hours to get to the Monastery. The other way is a mini bus transfer, there are many which do it easy and quick, just like the Taxi’s.

By bicycle

savathiana manastery This is a safe way, bicycle ride is recommended for those who are trained. There is a lot of uphill to ride but at the end the feeling is fabulous.

Activities to do:

The most famous is hiking through the paths until paths ends on the mountain Vasiliko.

Cycling is the most famous, many cyclists do this tour and get trained.

Where to stay:

Monastery of Savathiana The place has no hotels around, just olive groves!! This is why it is so beautiful. The Monastery can host women, this because only women live and work there. Men are not allowed to sleep the night. The closest village is Rodia, there you can stay in a villa or in a house.

Beaches close to Monastery of Savathiana

ammoudara There are beaches to swim 1 hour distance from Monastery of Savathiana, the one is in Ammoudara and the other is in Agia Pelagia. Ammoudara beach is an area easy to go, you just need to do all the downhill driving back and you are there.

The road to Agia Pelagia passes through the village of Rodia and north of it to Agia Pelagia.

When is the best period to visit Monastery of Savathiana

Krousonas The best period to visit Monastery of  is all year round! The place is full of people all year, the shops operate everyday, as it is a very touristic place.

What is a “must” Monastery of Savathiana

Monastery of Savathiana The Monastery of Savathiana has a great history. You should walk the paths to the church, walk through the pave to the museum and the exhibition room. The nuns work and manage to create unique presents, all about Orthodox. You can buy an Icon or a Cross, all handmade.

All people deserve to spend nice vacation on Crete, this is a place where we recommend to visit, it combines all a visitor should see to remember Crete!